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Are you an animal love looking for a positive, heart-centered way to connect & help your animal?
  • Enhance your connection
  • Develop trust
  • Support physical well-being
  • Reduce anxiety, fear & reactivity
  • Enhance current training programs with simple, effective & gentle exercises

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Learn new skills to help elevate how you work & understand dogs.

With Robyn Hood starting Januar 19th.

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Tellington TTouch “Cell-ebration”
October 14-17,2022

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Welcome to Tellington TTouch

TTouch combines observations and philosophy, bodywork, ground exercises, and equipment to help animals find physical, mental, and emotional balance, as a way of enhancing communication, cooperation, and harmony.
This integrative approach understands behaviour as means of communication rather than attitude or personality. All Tellington TTouch exercises start with changing posture and mindfulness as a means to affect behaviour and cooperation.
TTouch works to show animals what we want and make the steps as small and easy as possible to keep the learning process low-stress and logical.


  • Trainings for Dogs, Horses, & others
  • Practitioner Certification Programs for Horses and Companion Animals
  • Books, Videos and Equipment
  • Email Newsletters & Webinars
  • Enhance current training programs with simple, effective & gentle exercises
If you are interested in attending a training, please check our schedule of Upcoming Events.

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