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Are you an animal love looking for a positive, heart-centered way to connect & help your animal?  This conference will cover a huge array of topics.
  •  Innovative training & handling techniques
  • Expert veterinarian observations
  • Practical ways to address common concerns
  • The role of cellular intelligence & neurobiology
  • How to enhance current training programs with simple, effective & gentle exercises
  • Honoring the mind, body & spirit of animals & their guardians

An Invitation from
Linda Tellington-Jones

Uncovering the potential in any being has been a lifelong pursuit of Linda’s.  Through her revolutionary approach to handling, understanding and interacting with all beings, Linda has garnered the respect and admiration of colleagues around the globe. 

This conference provides the platform for collaborating and inspiring others who all have the common goal of helping animals and people, discover their potential for perfect function through non-invasive, cooperative and gentle techniques and exercises.


Featured Presenters

  • Linda Tellington-Jones

  • Dr. Joyce Harman DVM

  • Kathy Cascade

  • Robyn Hood

  • Wendy Murdoch

  • Dr. Judy Morgan DVM

Full Conference Schedule

Friday, October 14th, 2022


Live Panel @ 8am (PDT) : Welcome to the “Cell-ebration” & “Her-Story” with Linda & friends

Live Panel @ 11am (PDT): “Getting in TTouch with Your Dog” with Robyn Hood, Debby Potts, Kathy Cascade, Katja Krauss, Tina Constance & friends


Lectures: (released at 12:01am PDT)


  • “The Importance of a Healthy Microbiome: in and on the body, as well as in the gut” with Dr. Judy Morgan DVM
  • “What Animals Teach Us: Insight & Inspiration” with Lauren McCall
  • “A TTouch of My Favorite Things with Deb Bauer
  • “TTouch & Science” with Dr. Daniela Zurr DVM
  • “Intimate Link Between Behaviour, Posture & Balance” with Wendy Murdoch
  • “Dogs in Translation: Recognizing & Understanding Dog Emotions” with Katja Krauss
  • “Expanding your Wellness Toolkit: Integrating Flower Essences with TTouch to Create New Opportunities for Change” with Kathleen Aspenns
  • “What CranioSacral Therapy can teach us about TTouch” with Sally Morgan
  • “Tellington TTouch for Performance Horses: From Tokyo to WEG” with Silvia Torrensai DVM
  • “TTouch and the power of thoughts and Intention” with Karin Freiling


Saturday, October 15th, 2022


Live Panel @ 8am (PDT): Getting in TTouch with Your Horse” with Linda Tellington-Jones, Robyn Hood, Tina Constance, Lindy Dekker, Kathleen Aspenns & friends

Live Panel @ 10am (PDT): Interactive Feldenkrais Lesson” with Elinor Silverstein

Live Panel @ 12pm (PDT): Interactive Q&A with Breakout Rooms” with with Linda Tellington-Jones, Robyn Hood, Debby Potts, Kathy Cascade, Rachel Jackson, Toni Shelbourne, Lindy Dekker and friends


Lectures: (released at 12:01am PDT)


  • “TTouch for Exotics: How TTouch can improve the lives of animals from Iguanas to Marine Mammals” with Daniela Zurr DVM
  • “The Neurobiology of Threat:How to help animals/people feel safe and why it matters” with Kathy Cascade
  • “Arousal in Dogs: How the Tellington TTouch Training Method can help dogs calm, learn & thrive” with Toni Shelbourne
  • “Fascial Lines: The connection between fascia and the Tellington TTouch Method” with Rikke Schultz DVM
  • “Catch 22: The way you catch your camelid changes EVERYTHING” with Marty McGee-Bennett
  • “Connected Riding®: Synchronizing Horse & Rider” with Peggy Cummings
  • “The M.A.G.I.C. of the Wand” with Lindy Dekker
  • “Learn to be a Sleuth Dog®” with Alex Wilson
  • “From Fear to Forever Home: How TTouch can help Cats in shelters” with Sarah Hauser
  • “Curiosity: How one thing leads to another” with Robyn Hood
  • “Homeopathic & Holistic approach to behaviour problems in horses” with Dr. Joyce Harman DVM
  • “Equine Functional Anatomy” with Jillian Kreinbring

Sunday, October 16th, 2022


Live Panel @ 8am (PDT): Getting in TTouch with Your Cats, Rabbits & other small critters” with Robyn Hood, Toni Shelbourne, Sarah Hauser, Tina Constance, Debby Potts and friends

Live Panel @ 10am (PDT): TTouch for Self-Care” with Linda Tellington-Jones, Sandy Rakowitz, Elinor Silverstein, Sage Lewis & friends

Live Panel @ 12pm (PDT): Interactive Q&A with Breakout Rooms” with Linda Tellington-Jones, Robyn Hood and friends


Lectures: (released at 12:01am PDT)


  • “TTouch for Endurance Horses” with Naomi Preston
  • “Dog Grooming: TTouch techniques to help your help your dog to overcome their grooming sensitivities” with Sue Williamson
  • “Carriage Driving & Tellington TTouch” with Trudy Affleck
  • “TTouch for Senior Dog Care” with Rachel Jackson
  • “Get Ready to Ride: The SUREFOOT Equine Stability System®” with Wendy Murdoch
  • “Introducing the Tellington Method to the Italian Equestrian Federation” with Massimo Da Re DVM
  • “Animal Assisted Learning & TTouch” with Bibi Degn
  • “Observations & Possible Solutions: For Dogs & Horses” with Tina Constance
  • “Transformation with Trauma & Brain Injuries Using TTouch” with Sandy Rakowitz
  • “Why Animal Communication is Important” with Miranda Alcott


Monday, October 17th, 2022


Live Panel @ 8am (PDT): “Words Matter: The Power of Language” with Robyn Hood, Marty McGee Bennett, Lindy Dekker, Debby Potts & friends

Live Panel @ 10am (PDT): “TTouch in the Veterinary Practice” with Massimo Da Re DVM, Silvia Toressani DVM, Rikke Schultz DVM, Joyce Harman DVM & Daniela Zurr DVM

Live Panel @ 12pm (PDT): Closing Circle” with Linda Tellington-Jones & friends


Lectures: (released at 12:01am PDT)


  • “Expanding Consciousness Through Tellington TTouch” with Sage Lewis
  • “Tellington TTouch in the Saddle” with Anke Recktenwald
  • “From Tapirs to Tarantuals: TTouch Tales of Extraordinary Species” with Debby Potts
  • “The Hero’s Journey; Guiding your client from despair to confidence” with Toni Shelbourne
  • “Balance in Everyday Life: Understanding the nervous system and strengthening the vagus nerve using TTouch” with Lisa Leicht
  • “Embodied Horsemanship: Creating a collaborative, engaged relationship” with Paula Josa-Jones
  • “Secrets of the Spine” with Lily Merkin
  • “Chinese Five Element Theory: How to integrate with TTouch” with Mary Ann Wilkens
  • “Novelty: What it looks like & why it’s useful” with Robyn Hood
  • “Why your Psoas Muscles, Eyes, and Brain are so connected: Experience the Trifecta!” with Elinor Silverstein

Expand Your Knowledge

Our amazing line up of presenters offer a huge breadth of knowledge, experience and body of research from decades of innovation.

From horses to camelids, dogs to reptiles or cat to people; these sessions will offer something for everyone looking to find a positive, low-stress, and mutually beneficial connection.

If you want to have a better understanding of animal behavior, learn new, integrative strategies and exercieses to improve performance & well-being, this conference line-up s for you!

Conference Format

Expert Recorded Lectures

  • Each day specific lectures will be released to your user account that can be watched at your convenience 
  • On October 17th ALL recorded sessions will be accessible and available for viewing.
  • 40+ hours of on-demand video recording
  • Full access to all recordings for one year (until October 19th, 2023)

Live Panel Discussion

  • Scheduled daily via Zoom with a panel of experts discussing specific topics related to their field of knowledge
  • Enjoy personalized learning with interactive breakout rooms and the opportunity to ask questions and share stories.

Early Bird Bonus!

  • BONUS: Mini-course on featuring highligth lecturecs from our past Tellington TTouch “Cell-ebration” speakers.
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