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All Wrapped Up for Horses: Body Wraps for Balance & Performance

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For over 45 years the Tellington TTouch® Method has been changing the way humans and horses interact.  Many of the ideas that were considered “weird” and “unorthodox” in the beginning are today considered mainstream and have been  readily absorbed into equine culture.

Among these previously “radical” ideas is the acknowledgement of the inter-connectivity between physical, mental, and emotional balance in all beings.  Considering behavioral issues in a “wholistic” way allows one to develop and use  tools that get to the root of an issue, and actually resolve the cause, rather than just address the symptom.

The “Body Wraps” have become an integral piece of the Tellington TTouch Method, complementing the bodywork and the groundwork exercises in a way that integrates the external information  into the horse’s body at the cellular level.  Their gentle, non-invasive, non-restrictive nature passively increase the horse’s body-awareness while in motion or standing still.

The changes in postural habits, tension patterns, and functionality can result in unbelievable improvements in a horse’s self-confidence, self-control, balance, and overall coordination.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about the “Body Wraps” is their long lasting effect.  Even when taken off the body,  the change is often maintained.

Horses who have only worn the wraps a handful of times often continue to benefit from their effects without regular re-application.

Always let your horse be the judge of how something is feeling or working and do not discount your own gut feeling when trying something new or inventing a new variation.

We travel around the world using these techniques and regardless of how many times it happens, the transformations that occur are absolutely amazing.   The “Body Wraps” help to empower owners who discover new ways of utilizing the bandages, guided only by their imagination and intuition; that make incredible changes in their horses’ overall well being and function.

Teaching owners the skills to help their horses feel better in their own bodies is what drives our passion for this work.  This course includes step-by-step instructions on the many ways you can safely and effectively incorporate this tool into your handling and training program.

This course includes:

➡️ 5 learning sections covering 10 specific topics

➡️ Over 120 minutes of how-to videos and lectures

➡️ Detailed written descriptions and trouble-shooting tips

➡️ Certificate of Completion available

Course Outline

Welcome to the Course

  •  How to Navigate
  •  Disclaimer of Liability
  •  Safety Considerations

About the Tellington TTouch Method for Horses

  • The Fundamentals
  • Five F’s

Tellington TTouch Body Wraps for Horses: Part 1

  • Base Wraps
  • Basic Body Wraps
  • The Body Rope

Tellington TTouch Body Wraps for Horses: Part 2

  • Head Wraps
  • Full Body Wraps

Lift Techniques with Body Wraps

  • The Front End
  • Hind End

Riding with Body Wraps

  • The Promise Wrap

Beyond Body Wraps

Questions?  Please get in TTouch!

5 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up for Horses: Body Wraps for Balance & Performance”

  1. Ashley Stinson

    Lovely course full of a ton of information. What is required to obtain the certificate of completion?

  2. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the course and now I have extra tools in my toolbox.
    I would appreciate it if you could send me the certificate of completion.

    Thank you

  3. Amy Caroline Bryan

    So much information! I am really enjoying practicing these with my horses. We were given a 30-year-old tiny pony who had never done any body-awareness type groundwork when he came to us at age 25, only having been driven with blinders on. He tends to be very spooky and timid and we hadn’t been able to make much progress, as he is terrified of new sights and sounds. He recently walked over a tarp for the first time while wearing a figure-8 wrap!

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