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Applied TTouch®: Husbandry, Handling & Vet Examination for Dogs

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HElping animals be handled in a low stress manner with TTouch

It is a fact that at some point in your dog’s lifetime, husbandry care at home and veterinary procedures will be necessary. It’s our job to prepare dogs to be calm and confidence with everyday husbandry and ensure vet visits are as stress-free as possible or you could end up with years of struggle and upset for both yourself and your pet.

Whether your dog is tolerant and resilient of vet visits depends on many factors, such as his personality, previous experience, and handling by his guardian and any veterinary professionals he comes in contact with.

In this course, Tellington TTouch Instructor, author, and Animal Behaviourist, Toni Shelbourne expertly guides you through simple, effective and non-invasive exercises and techniques that can be applied to everyday handling and management of dogs and other animals.


This course includes:


Why is my dog scared?

Medications, calming products and holistic options.

How to inhibit fear.

Canine communication & safe handling skills.

Applying Tellington TTouch Training for husbandry & Vet procedures.

Training for veterinary examinations, procedures and equipment.

The debrief.

Further Reading.

Copyright © 2021 Toni Shelbourne

All rights reserved. No part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.


While the authors have made every attempt to offer accurate and reliable information to the best of their knowledge and belief, it is presented without any guarantee.  The author does not accept any responsibility in any manner whatsoever for any error or omission, or any loss, damage, injury, adverse outcome, or liability of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any of the information contained in this course, or reliance upon it.

Please bear in mind that the advice in this course is not intended to replace veterinary attention or professional behavioural advice. If in any doubt about any aspect of welfare, care, treatment or training, readers are advised to seek professional advice. Sadly, a small minority of animals may never be comfortable being touched and handled by yourself or veterinary staff due to negative experiences or high levels of pain. If in doubt, seek professional advice and do not attempt these techniques yourself without guidance.

For simplicity, throughout this course, animals have been referred to as ‘he’.


Thanks go to all the dog models and their guardians – Karen Cook, Tiggy and Casper, Claire Lush and Kizzy, Karen Bush and Dulcie, Philippa Short and Gypsy and Wizard, Penny Leedal and Mia, Lyn Rolt and Monty, Beth Lorch and Fozzie.

Holly Arnott DVM & Springwell Veterinary Surgery for allowing me to photograph her treating Tiggy.

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