Connecting with Cats: The Tellington TTouch for Cats (mini module)

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Cats enrich our lives by giving us their total love and companionship in so very many ways. You can return the gift by observing “The Golden Rule for Cats,” and treating your cat just as you would like to be treated yourself.

The TTouch method goes beyond a simple massage. The various TTouches are not only relaxing, but, it seems, they also activate intelligence—animals that are TTouched adapt with measurably more ease to unfamiliar surroundings and situations.

This characteristic is especially important for a cat that is being introduced to a new home, an unfamiliar person or animal, or is experiencing the stresses of being at a cat show or at the vet.

The TTouches strengthen confidence and teach animals to think rather than to react. One of the wonderful things about the various circling movements is that you don’t have to use them in any specific order to be successful.

6 thoughts on “Connecting with Cats: The Tellington TTouch for Cats (mini module)”

  1. Natali Zuniga

    I registered and then click on the option “start course” but then got a response that says that the course is closed. . The same happen with other two courses that appear to be free on your website but then you can’t access them. Please let me know how to access the free courses. Thank you.

  2. Patricia Behrens

    i was doing the introctory course about Ttouch to horses, and i also love and have Cats! so i did this short one.Thanks!

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