Dog Listening: Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs Mini Module

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Do you find yourself dreading what is supposed to be a relaxing walk with your dog? 

Does your dog have separation concerns or anxiety in specific situations?

Do you have an older dog who you would like to keep healthy and comfortable?

➡ Help your dog be their BEST selves!

➡ Enhance self-control

 ➡ Develop good leash habits

Reduce anxiety & fear

➡ Address reactivity

 ➡ Support senior & special need dogs

 Develop trust & Communication

The Tellington TTouch Method is a unique approach to animal training and care developed by internationally known trainer, teacher, and author, Linda Tellington-Jones. Based on understanding and respect for our animal friends, this gentle method promotes well-being and adaptive behaviour through an integrated approach that helps to reduce stress and build confidence.

TTouch is more than a form of bodywork, it is an entire way of training, handling, and understanding animals in a positive, non-threatening way.

This method is comprised of several different components. This method is comprised of several different components. Philosophy, Observation, Bodywork, Leashwork, and Equipment.

10 thoughts on “Dog Listening: Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs Mini Module”

  1. Jana Šlégrová

    Thanks for this mini course. I would like to learn more and I´m going to start with a dog intro course in May with Lindy Dekker. I love TTouch work and massages!

  2. I listened to the conversation on the Pet summit with Ness Jones 11.8.23 and when I got my link to the free mini course it says it is currently closed. I am very interested in this form of treatment and would like to see if I want to take it further. How do I get access to the Dog Listening: Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs Mini Module?

  3. I purchased your book probably 40 years ago. It encouraged me to take a hands on tqo week equine massage therapy course. No longer have horses but have always used what I learned with all my animals. Have rescued 48 dogs in my life and several horses. Owned Arabians and this is wonderful for them. Greatly appreciate what I’ve learned over the years

    1. Hi Nessa, this class is free but requires registration, once registered there is no time limit. Simply log-in with your user credentials at then go to your Enrolled Courses where you will find it. THanks!

  4. My SD Jake usually hates having anything touch his ears but he has also been having digestion issues for his entire life… sigh. I have found already that the zebra strokes are something he really enjoys every evening after he has dinner, so I’m going to expand on this and do the ears and face… I will let you know how it goes!

    1. Keep us posted! You may try light ttouches around his face or ear with a soft mitt, wash cloth, sheepskin or some other diffusing material, which can make the hand seem less threatening. Strokes with the back of the hand can also help!

  5. Angelique Santoni

    Great course! I look into it because my dog is very anxious. I have been struggling with reactivity and think this method would be of great help.

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