Tellington TTouch for Dogs: An Introduction

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Are you  a dog guardian looking to enhance the relationship with your animal while supporting their overall well-being?  Maybe you have heard about “TTouch” and are curious to learn more?

The Tellington TTouch Method is a all encompassing set of techniques, mindset, and exercises that can easily be applied in whole or in parts to your everyday life with dogs.

This Method is a gentle, hands-on approach that improves well-being, behaviour, cooperation and the relationship people have with animals. It includes the use of a specialized form of bodywork, specific types of equipment and creative movement exercises that are easy to learn and used with all types of animals.

Most importantly, the Tellington TTouch Method facilitates trust and enhanced communication between humans and animals.  TTouch can be integrated into daily life to increase confidence, reduce stress, improve focus and enhance well-being, making TTouch perfect for busy people!

These techniques are easy to learn and provide many solutions to common concerns by recognizing each animal and person as unique individuals.  Rather than a set protocol for particular issues, the Tellington TTouch Method offers creative solutions customized to each situation.

This course is designed to be general introduction to some of the most commonly used TTouch tools that help improve behaviour, performance, well-being, and the overall relationship you have with your animal.

If you want a deeper introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method, you may be interested in “Getting in TTouch with Your Dog”.

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