Make walks fun again: Loose leash dog walking mini module

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Have walks become more of a source of dread than one of joy?

  • Maybe your four legged friend makes you feel like a water skier, pulling with impressive strength?
  • Or, do you worry that passing another dog will result in an embarrassing and noisy interaction of lunging and barking?
  • Perhaps you just want a little more ease and fun in the process, for you and your faithful companion?

Help is here!  While there are a lot of reasons behind challenges on leash, we have some simple, easy, and low stress solutions to help you and your canine friend find the fun in your on leash walks.

Join us as we take you through some of the easiest, most useful ways you can incorporate the Tellington TTouch® Method into your daily routine.


18 thoughts on “Make walks fun again: Loose leash dog walking mini module”

  1. Thanks for giving this really useful lesson for free. I am interested to learn more about TTouch (particularly the bodywork). I love your philosophy.

    1. Thank you for the course. Am interested in finding out more especially the t touch massage. Where can I find out more? Thanks

  2. Thank you for the course! Being able to watch/rewatch the videos was very useful, especially for the leash stroking and impromptu use of the leash across the chest/ between the forelegs to reduce pressure on the dog’s neck. I hope to be able to take some additional courses in the future.

  3. Thanks for the helpful ideas. I’m interested in learning more. What would be the next course you’d recommend I take?

    1. Hi Shirlee, I am so glad you enjoyed it! For a self-paced course, I would recommend the Intro: We also have this with an Interactive portion where you attend live Zoom sessions with a teacher. The next one starts on Friday, . Use the code joy20 for 20% off!

  4. Love the short courses – I have a quick question when walking a big dog like a Great Dane that is reactive – would the harness will allow me to walk her without her dragging me ?

    1. Thanks for the comment Alba! We have found the harness, in combination with two points of contact, to be incredibly effective with large breed dogs because it helps you influence all four feet and redirect movement without pulling them, or yourself, out of balance. There are some extra techniques and exercises in our Intro classes or Robyn’s Walking in Balance course/webinar series that would really help. Please email us at [email protected] if you have more specific questions!

  5. Just started the TTouch camp on FB. Will lookinto becoming a practitioner. Where would the hands on sessions take place? I live in London. Thanks Gwawr

    1. Hi there, Hands On sessions are in various locations, depending on who organizes it. You can learn more by visiting we also have many students who do work with certified Practitioners through one on one sessions to support their online learning and it has worked very well. We do have a Level 1 starting next month. If you have questions please email us at [email protected] and I can give you a coupon code.

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