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*This certification option is being offered as a Pilot Program as an adaptation to meet the current needs of Covid-19 related rules and restrictions.  It may not be offered indefinitely.

The Associate Track is available to those who are looking for a good level of TTouch knowledge to incorporate into their current skill set.   Professionals already working in their industry (eg. Dog or Horse Trainers, Vet techs, Shelter Workers, Groomers, Instructors) who simply want some new tools for their existing practice may choose the TTouch Associate Program, which requires a lesser time commitment.

A TTouch Associate may not teach workshops or group, but is permitted to work with clients and advertise that they incorporate TTouch principles/techniques into what they do.

Being listed as an Associate does not allow you to specifically teach the Tellington TTouch Method on its own.

The TTouch Associate program is broken into 2 tracks – one for those primarily interested in the philosophy and bodywork side (groomers, bodyworkers, vet techs etc.) and those who want a broader scope of information (trainers, behaviorists, instructors etc.).

Certification as TTouch  Associate requires:

  • Successfully complete the Tellington TTouch for Dogs: Associate Track
  • Attend at least 3 days of hands on training with an approved instructor for the “Well-Being Track”, 5 days for those on the “Trainer Track”.    The ‘hands on’ training is NOT included in the price of the online course.
  •  Submit 6 Case Studies
  • Achieve at least 80% on written/multiple choice evaluation
  • Demonstrate competency of skills in short video submission (to be discussed  with instructor)

Simply completing any of the courses does not guarantee certification for any track.  Certification is subject to the student displaying a satisfactory level of competency.

In many cases, more hands-on hours or video submissions will be required to achieve certification.

Please note that the course price ONLY includes the online portion of learning.

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