Tellington TTouch® for Dogs – Level 1 Interactive & Online Course with Lindy Dekker

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Whether you are a dedicated dog guardian, looking to deepen your relationship and enhance your dog’s overall confidence and well-being, or you have taken the “Introduction to the Tellington TTouch for Dogs” and would like to continue on the path to certification, the Level 1 course will provide you with a wide array of tools and techniques to positively affect change in your dog.

Combined with 20 hours of “Live and Interactive” instruction, this course is designed to help you help your 4 legged friends with a fresh perspective, and innovative, effective and gentle ways of interacting with them.

The linear layout of the material is intended to help you gain new ways to teach the material in a logical, concise manner.  As you go through the content, much will be information you all know and love with key details laid out in a clear manner.

Tellington TTouch Harmony Harness leash system for dogs

Learn fear free, innovative ways to help your dog with a wide variety of concerns such as:

  • Leash pulling
  • Shyness
  • Reactivity
  • Support for Senior Animals
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Developing a deeper relationship  (just to name a few)

In various sections you will discover some of the most current and up to date practices for Observation, Body Work, Body Wraps, and Leading Exercises.

In addition to the course content, the course includes:

  • 20 hours of LIVE Zoom instruction with an experienced Tellington TTouch Instructor
  • A 100 page Course Manual suitable for enhancing your work with clients in PDF format
  • An invitation to a monthly Zoom study group with a rotating instructor host, presenting a variety of topics

For those pursuing certification this course plus the Interactive class and course assignments total 14 credits.

This course is required prior to attending a Level 2 Course.

Learn more about the Practitioner Certification process here.

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