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“TTouch Connector”? “Mouse on a Ladder”? “Baby Orang”? “Butterfly”? “Freework”?  Some of these may be familiar terms, others may make you thing “what  is that?”  One of the most wonderful things about the Tellington TTouch Method is that it is constantly evolving and innovating.  This Practitioner Update is a virtual Advanced Training.


As we all learn to navigate this new world with less travel and large groups, our Tellington TTouch Advanced trainings are become fewer and farther between.


This course is designed to help current Tellington TTouch Practitoners stay up to date and current with latest innovations and adaptations throughout the method and enhance the way you teach well-established exercises and techniques.


The linear layout of the material is intended to help you gain new ways to teach the material in a logical, concise manner.  As you go through the content, much will be information you all know and love with key details laid out in a clear manner.


In various sections you will discover some of the most current and up to date practices for Observation, Body Work, Body Wraps, and Leading Exercises.


In addition to the course content, the Practitioner Update will include:


  • two Q&A Zoom sessions with Linda and Robyn for clarification and comments.  These will be recorded for future reference.
  • several a pre-recorded webinars including Dr. Daniella Zurr’s about “The Tellington TTouch Method from a Veterinary Perspective”; “Cranial Sacral Therapy and TTouch” with Sally Morgan, as well as client and workshop organizing guides with Debby Potts.
  • A 100 page Course Manual suitable for enhancing your work with clients in PDF format.
  • “All Wrapped Up: For Pets” in PDF format.

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