Getting in TTouch® with Your Horse: An Introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method

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Are you a horse lover that wants a more harmonious, co-operative and trust based relationship with your horse? 

The Tellington Method has been connecting horses and their people for over 45 years with a philosophy of understanding and empathy.

Combining various techniques and exercises of observation, bodywork, groundwork, and riding, the Tellington Method is suitable for all breeds, disciplines, and experience levels as a way to “Get in TTouch with Your Horse”.


What is the Tellington Method for Horses?

The Tellington TTouch Method for horses offers a handling and training approach that encourages optimal performance and well-being. Based on the understanding that behavioral issues are often caused by pain, soreness, fear or tension in the body, TTouch addresses these underlying issues through a combination of Observation, Body Work, specific Ground Exercises, and Riding With Awareness along with an overarching attitude of respect and consideration for the horse.


Overcome common issues that may limit behaviour and performance:

Body tension



High-headed posture


Touch sensitivity



Ear shyness

Overall distrust

These are just a few of the many concerns that can be resolved with simple, non-habitual, force-free, and innovative Tellington TTouch approaches and techniques.


Who is this for?

Anyone looking to better understand and communicate with their horses;  under saddle and on the ground.  The Tellington Method gives you new tools to understand and interact with your horse in positive, force-free ways.

Whether you are a life long horse guardian, professional in an equine related-industry, high-level competitor, pleasure rider, or pursuing a lifelong dream of adding a horse to your life – this course will provide you with innovative, gentle, effective and forward-thinking ways of enhancing the life of your horse, and yourself.


What You Will Learn

This course guides you through several components of the Tellington TTouch Method for Horses.

Discover the kind, empathetic, heart-centered, philosophy that is at the core of our approach.

Understand how to “see your horse with new eyes” through non-judgmental, rational, methods of observation and understanding of behaviour.

Learn the cornerstone of the Tellington Method, the TTouch Bodywork, simple, non-invasive and easy to learn equine bodywork that relieves tension, improves posture, increases awareness and enhances trust.

As you work through the course, please do not hesitate to “get in TTouch” if you have any questions or comments.

We hope you enjoy this journey with your animal as much as we do!

Linda Tellington-Jones & Robyn Hood

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