Dr. Joyce Harman DVM

Dr. Joyce Harman is retired from Harmany Equine Clinic, a holistic equine practice in Virginia where she treated all types of horses from backyards to Olympic caliber.

She has served as past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association. As an herbalist she has worked with many plants, but the most exciting has been hemp. In the very early days of hemp legalization, she tested hemp and CBD for horses. The results confirmed her excitement about the possibilities for improving the comfort and mental well-being of the horses in her practice.

Dr. Harman maintains an active website for educational purposes to pass her knowledge along, is planning an online holistic nutrition/health course and is bringing high quality CBD hemp to the horse world. She is an authority on Lyme Disease and Insulin Resistance.

Her publications include the Pain Free Back and Saddle Fit Books (English and Western), and Homeopathic First Aid for Horses.

She is a hiker, master naturalist and overlands in her Jeep for fun, and to help with her nature photography side-profession.


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