Wentworth Tellington and Linda at Chadwick School

Episode 2 – Wentworth Tellington

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Linda was only a teenager when she met the man who would alter the trajectory of her life forever.  Wentworth Tellington was well educated, innovative, organized and brilliant; and more than two decades Linda’s senior.

The early years of marriage took them to Puerto Rico, Nevada, and California, engaging Linda’s natural gift with horses along the way and ultimately combining their talents to share their innovations and knowledge to the horse world.

Linda and Went initially settled in Puerto Rico for the first year of their marriage but eventually made their way to various places in California.

Wentworth Tellington and Linda  on their wedding day.  Marion Hood, Linda’s mother is in the floral dress.

Bint GUlida and Linda and Went Tellington

Linda on Bint Gulida at the Jim Shoulders Ride in Oklahoma.

5 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Wentworth Tellington”

  1. Elizabeth Yorath-Welsh

    OMG Linda! Such a surprise to see Tellington TTouch show up on my FB page! I spent a day with you & Robin way back in the late 70’s (I think it was) when you were showing the Tellington Touch to some of us! The connection was quite amusing as of course your family & mine were friends…and & learned to ride with Betty Tellington plus they lived very near by! She & Jay both baby sat me at times! I sort of knew your story, but it is delightful to hear how it all came about! And the course of your life & adventures! I have always admired your work with horses in particular, & your name is still well known with some horse friends of mine today! You are looking wonderful, & it is delightful to listen to you being interviewed by Mandy!!

  2. Melissa Ervin Tozzi

    This brought back so many memories for me. I attended PCERF in the 60s and remember Went very well. My horses have always ridden backwards in a trailer because of what I learned from Linda and Went. We not only learned to ride but stable management was a high priority as well. I still do things the way I was taught at PCERF. Looking forward to next session with Linda and Mandy.

  3. How great to hear these stories. When Linda spoke of the way Wentworth was. I understand how she didn’t question. I have not had such an amazing life. So much can be learnt in her words thank you so much Mandy what a great thing you are doing

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