About the Method

Learning Objectives: Learn the goals of the Tellington TTouch Method. Understand the historical development of the Tellington TTouch Method. Identify the components of the Tellington TTouch Method.   The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, respectful, and positive approach to handling, training, and interacting with […]

Lesson 4

  Final Top Tips for helping dogs with firework fears.   Start preparations early, at least a month before fireworks are due but much earlier if your dog is severely affected.   Try to act normally and not to react to a dog’s distress, as […]

Lesson 3

  Helping dogs with firework fears – The Tellington TTouch Method ®   Tellington TTouch Training is one of the most successful and effective ways of helping our pets to cope with and overcome their fear of fireworks and other loud noises. TTouch is easy […]

Lesson 2

    A 10-point plan for the Night   Some of these points may seem a little obvious but they are worth reviewing to ensure we remember them. Firstly, check if, where, and when public displays are being held in your neighbourhood, so that you […]

Lesson 1

  The mechanics of fear. Reactions to perceived threats involve many areas of the brain that involve memory. There is a complex play between areas like the amygdala, hippocampus and cortex, and many ways that a negative experience can get ‘stuck’ in a dog’s mind. […]


All copyright remains with Toni Shelbourne   For ease of writing dogs will mostly be referred to as he in this course.   Welcome to this short course on how to prepare your dog for fireworks and other loud noises with the Tellington TTouch Training […]

All Wrapped Up: TTouch Body Wraps

Learning Objectives: Describe the purpose and effects of Tellington TTouch Body and Face/Head Wraps. Demonstrate the sequence of steps to introducing and applying a Quarter Body Wrap on a dog. Demonstrate the sequence of steps to introducing and applying a Half Body Wrap on a […]