Lesson 4

  Final Top Tips for helping dogs with firework fears.   Start preparations early, at least a month before fireworks are due but much earlier if your dog is severely affected.   Try to act normally and not to react to a dog’s distress, as […]

Lesson 2

    A 10-point plan for the Night   Some of these points may seem a little obvious but they are worth reviewing to ensure we remember them. Firstly, check if, where, and when public displays are being held in your neighbourhood, so that you […]

Applied TTouch: Theory into Practice

  Throughout this course you have learned a wide range of exercises, techniques, and skills, all designed to help dogs feel better, so they can act in a more cooperative, positive way. Learning these skills provides you with the ability to work with dogs in […]

Tools for Change: Harnesses

Learning Objectives: Describe the purpose of using a harness with two points of leash connection to walk a dog. Understand the proper fit and mechanics of various harnesses. Since developing the Tellington TTouch Method for dogs, in the early 90’s, the choice and variety of […]

Observation & Awareness

  Learning Objectives: Identify the five main categories of observation. Identify common physical characteristics observed in dogs in both stress and calm states. Recognize and correctly interpret canine body language and communication signals. Identify and describe the five primary coping strategies dogs employ when feeling […]