Swirls on horses are like the human equivalent to fingerprints, no two are exactly alike.   While skeptics may dismiss this as mere “folk lore”, Linda and her first husband, Wentworth Tellington, studied the correlation of swirl patterns and personality in a 1500 horse […]

Lesson 2

    A 10-point plan for the Night   Some of these points may seem a little obvious but they are worth reviewing to ensure we remember them. Firstly, check if, where, and when public displays are being held in your neighbourhood, so that you […]

Building Trust With Choice

In Lesson One we will cover several key techniques to help you initially engage with and build a trusting relationship with a fearful or reactive dog.  The central theme of the lesson is creating opportunities for the dog to have a choice. How to make […]

Tools for Change: Harnesses

Learning Objectives: Describe the purpose of using a harness with two points of leash connection to walk a dog. Understand the proper fit and mechanics of various harnesses. Since developing the Tellington TTouch Method for dogs, in the early 90’s, the choice and variety of […]

Basics of Bodywork: The TTouches

Learning Objectives Understand the purpose of TTouch Bodywork. Identify the four categories of TTouches. Describe the pressure scale used with TTouch. Identify the nine elements of TTouch. The bodywork component of the Tellington TTouch consists of a series of touches, many circular, made with the […]

About the Method

    Learning Objectives: Learn the goals of the Tellington TTouch Method. Understand the historical development of the Tellington TTouch Method. Identify the components of the Tellington TTouch Method. The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, respectful, and positive approach to handling, training, and interacting […]