All Wrapped Up: TTouch Bodywraps

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the purpose and effects of Telllington TTouch Body and Face/Head Wraps.
  • Demonstrate the sequence of steps to introducing and applying a Quarter Body Wrap on a dog.
  • Demonstrate the sequence of steps to introducing and applying a Half Body Wrap on a dog.
  • Demonstrate the sequence of steps to introducing and applying a Face Wrap on a dog.


Within the Method we use a variety of positive tools to help animals overcome ingrained postural habits or tendencies and give the dog new experiences.

“Body Wraps” have become an integral piece of the Tellington TTouch Method, complementing the bodywork and the groundwork exercises in a way that integrates the external information  into an animal’s body at the cellular level.  Their gentle, non-invasive, non-restrictive nature passively increase the dog’s body-awareness while in motion or standing still.

Using different widths (1 – 4 inch) of stretchy elastic bandage (ACE etc.) in a variety of configurations, Body Wraps can facilitate incredible transformations.

The changes in postural habits, tension patterns, and functionality can result in unbelievable improvements in an animal’s self-confidence, self-control, balance, and overall coordination.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about the “Body Wraps” is their long lasting effect.  Even when taken off the body,  the change is maintained.

Animals who have only worn the wraps a handful of times may continue to benefit from their effects without regular re-application.

Always let your animal be the judge of how something is feeling or working and do not discount your own gut feeling when trying something new or inventing a new variation.

We travel around the world using these techniques and regardless of how many times it happens, the transformations that occur are absolutely amazing.   The “Body Wraps” help to empower owners who discover news ways of utilizing the bandages, guided only by their imagination and intuition; that make incredible changes in their animals overall well being and function.

The Body Wrap gives animals a sense of connection and gives the animal feedback about tension and where they are in space (proprioception).  Use one or two elastic bandages depending on the length and size of the animal. There are many configurations you can use depending on the animal.  Generally start with a half or quarter wrap – in the beginning leave on for a few minutes and then remove. Be sure they are not put on tightly nor left on too long, pay attention to the response of the animal.

Any Body Wrap configuration can be very helpful reducing fear with loud noise, thunderstorms, carsickness, gaining confidence; improving movement and reducing stress.


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