Applied TTouch: Theory into Practice Copy



Throughout this course you have learned a wide range of exercises, techniques, and skills, all designed to help dogs feel better, so they can act in a more cooperative, positive way.

Learning these skills provides you with the ability to work with dogs in a way that goes beyond training however that does not mean they cannot be easily adapted to work well in everyday client scenarios.

In the following lecture, Robyn guides you through several common “issues” and how one might successfully approach them using components of TTouch, including:

Nail Trimming

Leash Pulling

Car Sickness

Vet Visits

Over Excitement

Noise Sensitivity

Harness Shyness



While we do not utilize Rope Harnesses as much as we used to, remembering how to make a “Simple Rope Harness” can be a great tool for the tool box if you find yourself without another viable form of containment.