Attitude & Philosophy Copy


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the philosophical foundation and core principles of the Tellington TTouch Method.
  • Understand the significant link between posture, physical balance, and behavior.
  • Describe the difference between training a specific behavior and the use of Tellington TTouch principles to build self-control, self-awareness, and confidence in an animal.

The Tellington TTouch Method looks at the connection between physical, mental, and emotional balance and uses the variety of exercises to improve posture and balance, which helps animals feel safer, so they can be more self-confident, achieving mental balance; when animal are self-confident they have better self-control, emotional balance.  When animals have better self-control, they can make better choices, acting rather than strictly reacting.  This means that the Tellington TTouch Method is not simply “training” a specific behavior, but actually providing animals with the education to adapt, cooperatively to different situations.


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