Change the Posture; Change the Animal – Basic Leash Skills

Learn TTouch for Your dog

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the relationship between pulling on a tight leash and reactivity for a dog.
  • Learn and perform the application of the Balance Leash and the Balance Leash Plus on a dog.
  • Learn and perform the technique of leash stroking to reduce opposition and pulling on the lead.
  • Learn and perform the technique of “Meet and Melt.”

One of the core components of the Tellington TTouch Method are leading and groundwork exercises.  Each technique has the same goals; teaching dogs how to find balance and be in harmony with their human counter parts.  Finding overall balance is one of the most important pieces in the quest for relaxed, cooperative, Loose Leash walking.

Helping dogs find balance, and self-carriage leads to an increased feeling of safety, which fosters self-confidence.  When dogs feel safe and confident they are better able to act rather than react, and make better choices in their everyday lives.  Each of the following exercises can be used to change the way a dog feels in his body and is able to find his balance.

When dogs are balanced they tend not to pull on the leash and are generally less anxious and reactive to outside stimuli.