Finding Harmony – Loose Leash Tools

Tellington TTouch Harmony Harness leash system for dogs

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the benefits of Harmony Leash and Handle system and the use of the Connector when leading a dog.
  • Identify several exercises with the Harmony System that can reduce pulling.
  • Describe how you would introduce these tools to a new client.


The Tellington TTouch Method has used the concept of “Two Points of Contact” for decades.  By dividing the pressure on the leash, dogs and handlers are better able to communicate in balance, with less strain and discomfort.  For some handlers, the original techniques used to achieve this were slightly cumbersome and difficult with more than one dog.

The introduction of the Harmony Harness Leash/Handle System and the TTouch Connector has allowed the benefits of “Two Points of Contact”, without the learning curve.