On the Move

Dear Friends, 

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and first few days of 2022.

These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind for Roland and I, having made the big decision to move from Hawaii!

We’re focused on making our home in Florida once we have organized our affairs in Hawaii.  But first we will be visiting Europe for the first time in 2 years!

I have workshops booked from April,  until the end of June, in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria – assuming this current COVID wave has subsided.  We initially planned to travel to the UK from Florida on a 15 day cruise but have side lined this plan for obvious reasons. 

 Why Florida you may ask???  

 The weather is a big factor!  We are no longer cut out for real winter after decades in Hawaii!

 We have friends there

 I very much enjoyed my time there in August when I went for cataract surgery and new eyes

 It’s relatively “central” location for travel

We’re headed for “Jupiter Farms” just north of Palm Beach on the east side – where horses have the right away and the neighborhood is split into1 and 2 acre properties.  It was originally the ranch of actor Burt Reynolds and is a very beautiful, serene space.

It’s hard to imagine leaving our Hawaiian paradise however, I am so enjoying preparing our beautiful home for her new people – and visualizing another special jewel to house us in Florida.

One advantage of Florida is that it’s a hop skip and a jump to Europe – eight hours instead of 25 hours and at our age we no longer want to be schlepping suitcases on a train to a new training every week. 

Our plan is to travel abroad for maybe three weeks at a time to teach instead of three months at a time, as has been my schedule for nearly 20 years!

A miracle has occurred since the day we chose which realtor to employ. The health issues I’ve been dealing with for the past year disappeared overnight, once we knew for sure we’re headed out across the big pond to fulfill our destiny for the next stage of our lives.

TTOuch for dogs in awaii

We need to be where there are more people to share TTouch for horses, companion animals and for the enhancement for human healthcare;  where it’s also closer to travel throughout North America and Europe; and where it’s easier for to get help for some of the projects I have in mind. 

  Many people have exclaimed how stressful moving is and wondering how I am handling all of this. 

I am having one of the greatest adventures of my life. I am totally stoked and energized and inspired with the opportunity to polish this jewel of a house. Through this, we have been blessed with many wonderful people stepping up to  help.

Fortunately the big things; like resurfacing our swimming pool, floors, and kitchen renos, were completed almost 2 years ago when we were first planning to move to Europe, just before Covid hit. 

One of the great blessings of Covid was the fact that we discovered we can reach many more people with Zoom sessions which I’ve been doing weekly with TTouch for Self-Care for more than two years. 

Covid also gave a priceless gift of time for Robyn and Mandy, my sister and niece, to create the Tellington Method online. If you have not yet seen the courses we offer for dogs and horses and cats, check out the website www.learn.ttouch.ca.

I have been working with professional organizer, Rocky Westlake, for over a month sorting and labeling and boxing books and clothes for Florida, for Europe, for the next two months here, and for “re-homing”. Rocky has been packing me for our three month trips to Europe for over a decade. The process  has been completely inspiring and very regenerating.

I have had so much fun taking many days to go through my wonderful collection of jewelry and lovely things to prepare for a fundraising auction sometime in February– online – run by a professional auction company and by Marnie Reeder and Jyl Hershman Ross who will organize the auction from Austin. It will benefit Austin greyhound rescue and provide scholarship funding four TTouch courses in the name of our dear friend Lindsay Dinkin- Eden, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. So stay tuned and once we sell our home I will begin posting pictures of some of the items we are going to be auctioning.

For the last week we have been working with a professional stager, as well as with Rocky, who’s been with me every single day and is also a professional stager.

Below is a Vimeo link to a one minute video of our home. It will be officially posted on Wednesday with all the photographs to go with it. It’s fast because each house only gets one minute.  Enjoy!

Wishing you all a rejuvenating and inspiring start to 2022, no matter where in the world you are!

Heart Hugs,


Here’s the listing info, in case you or someone you know is interested in living in paradise!


13 thoughts on “On the Move”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Back in the late 70’s I interviewed for a job caring for the horses at Burt Reynolds Ranch. I interviewed with his father. I was offered the job but was also offered a job at a Thoroughbred Training Farm nearby that had live in accommodations that I needed. The ranch was in the country at that time!!!

  2. Linda and Roland,
    Have a wonderful adventure selling your house, traveling in Europe, and settling in Florida. May you have lots of fun adventures with your travels and settling in.
    Elaine and John Garley

    1. Dear Elaine, I look forward to you assisting me at our new home in Jupiter Farms. (Fingers crossed!) eleleLinda

    2. Aloha Elaine, I look forward to you and John finding us in Florida! and having you assist me at a dog training on our custom built “canine playground” on our own property!!! Heat Hugs, Linda

  3. So it’s Jupiter!! I love the dog friendly beach, the friendly folks of Jupiter, truly a place holding on to what Florida was years ago. I know the area well for it is close to where I lived further south, and close to my family in Stuart. Linda, we will meet again, and easer! What a perfect choice! How do you do it? Always making things work. I am elated and so happy for you and Roland, and your little doggie!

    1. Jane! I am thrilled that your family is close by. i look forward to many quiet chats and catching up!!! aloha and Heart Hugs, Linda

  4. Oh my, I have so many fond memories of being at your beautiful home Linda and Roland. I feel a little sad that you won’t be there waiting to welcome all of us with aloha, but I wish you the best in your new adventure.

    1. Dear Shannon, There is a bitter/sweet feeling. AND set your mind to coming to assist me at a training in Jupiter Farms. I am holding that intention!!!! Heart Hugs Linda

  5. Wishing you both a fantastic relocation to magical Florida and may your move be blessed by the universe in magical and miraculous ways. Wishing you so much happiness!

    Lots of love and hearthugs

  6. Your beautiful Big Island home will certainly be filled with light and joy for the next fortunate people to live there. It was the most special experience to come to the Kona TTouch clinics and had the wonderful opportunity to stay for one of our other visits. Sending you and Roland many Heart Hugs and everything marvelous for your travels, teaching and your new home!

  7. Dear Sally, I can hardly wait for you to visit our home in Florida.
    I hope you will make it to the first Florida TTouch-for-You retreat!
    I’m holding a spot for you and your BEMER!!! Heart Hugs, Linda

  8. How energizing that your plan to move is happening now! What good planning and work and good fortune! I am so happy for you that you are feeling well. All best wishes to you and Roland.

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