Dog Listening: The Tellington Method for Dogs (Mini-Module)


Do you find yourself dreading what is supposed to be a relaxing walk with your dog?

Does your dog have separation concerns or anxiety in specific situations?

Do you have an older dog who you would like to keep healthy and comfortable?

Join this mini module to learn how we can help!

The Tellington TTouch Method is a unique approach to animal training and care developed by internationally known trainer, teacher, and author, Linda Tellington-Jones. Based on understanding and respect for our animal friends, this gentle method promotes well-being and adaptive behaviour through an integrated approach that helps to reduce stress and build confidence.

TTouch is more than a form of bodywork, it is an entire way of training, handling, and understanding animals in a positive, non-threatening way.

This method is comprised of several different components. This method is comprised of several different components. Philosophy, Observation, Bodywork, Leashwork, and Equipment.

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