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Happy Horse Course: Enhance your Horsemanship with the Tellington Method


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Horses enrich our lives so much. Having the tools and techniques to help our equine friends feel better is a wonderful, empowering feeling. Discover how the Tellington TTouch combines beautifully with other like-minded modalities to help horses reach their full potential in this easy to follow course!

This course will provide you with an overview of the Tellington TTouch Method for Horses, including some of the most easily integrated techniques and exercises regarding observation, body work and groundwork. In addition to learning the basics of the Tellington TTouch Method we have included several wonderful presentations from our expert instructors as well as colleague whom we respect and admire.

We hope you will walk away with a deeper understanding about your equine partner and feel better equipped to help them realize their full potential in and out of the saddle.

This course includes hours of instructional videos and lectures.  If you are a horse lover looking to expand your knowledge, this is a great choice.

Course Outline:
Welcome to the Tellington TTouch for Horses: 2 Topics
Method: An Overview
Understanding the Philosophy: 1 Topic
Observation: 1 Topic
Bodywork: 5 Topics
Leading Exercises
TTouch Bodywraps: 3 Topics
Tellington TTouch in the Saddle with Anke Recktenwald
Tellington TTouch for Sport Horses: How we can improve performance during competitions with Silvia Torresani DVM
A Homeopathic & Holistic Approach to Behaviour Issues in Horses with Dr. Joyce Harman DVM
What CranioSacral Therapy Can Teach Us About TTouch with Sally Morgan
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