Interactive & Online Supporting Aging and End of Life for Dogs

Applied TTouch with Sage Lewis – September 2022


Live with Sage Lewis, September 17th 2022: 10 am – 3pm MST/Arizona time

“We love them so, so dearly and at some point we have to let them go. Why not do so with grace, ease and reverence?

 Elective for applied TTouch for aging dogs

Animals touch a special place in our hearts, and there are some beautiful ways to give back to them during their aging and dying time.

Join Sage Lewis (Tellington TTouch Practitioner) of Dancing Porcupine for a touching, heartfelt and informative introduction to animal hospice, and how Tellington TTouch can support this tender transitional time.

You will learn a variety of tangible tips to help care for your animals and care for yourselves through living, aging and dying.”

Join Sage Lewis (Tellington TTouch® Senior Practitioner) on  September 17th for this exciting new format of learning and sharing.  The live sessions run 10 am – 3 pm MST/Arizona time.

Enjoy the logical, linear, learning of Online Learning along with the inspiring and adaptive format of small private, LIVE, Zoom sessions.

This class had RAVE reviews and we are excited to offer this format once again.  Here is just one of the amazing pieces of feedback we received from Sage’s last class:

Support your senior or aging dog with TTouch


During the class, Sage will be teaching live on Zoom, so all you’ll have to do is have Zoom on your laptop or iPad. The program will be recorded so you’ll have a chance to download the replay up to seven days after the class. And, anyone else is welcome to come from anywhere in the world now, so you can send this along if you’d like.

*Counts as 4 credits toward Certification.

Discover techniques designed to:

 ✅ Help your dog be their BEST selves!

 ✅ Enhance your relationship

 ✅ Learn skills to support well-being and relaxation

 ✅ Reduce anxiety & fear

 ✅ Support senior & special need dogs

 ✅ Develop trust & Communication

Gain new self-care techniques to help with your dog’s transition over the “Rainbow Bridge”

Register and gain access to the Tellington TTouch for Dogs: An Introduction.  This course is not specific to senior dogs and ageing but will provide you with a foundation for the specific exercises and techniques that Sage will teach during the live stream.  The online course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before or after the LIVE sessions.

The LIVE class schedule runs for 5 hours, March 19th, with a mid-day break and mid-class breaks.  The class is small and allows for individualized advice and attention.  Class runs from 10am to 3pm MST).

This course can count  towards the Tellington TTouch Practitioner certification program for dogs.  It is also suitable for dog guardians who are interested in the method to enhance their relationship.  All levels of experience and areas of interest are welcome.

Students will have access to online material to cover at their own pace.  The online portion of learning consists of a logical, linear, introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs, which can be accessed at any time.


This “Intro” consists of 8 Lessons and 14 topics with over 4 hours of video lectures and demonstrations, designed to give you a good foundation for the Tellington TTouch Method that you can apply in a wide range of interactions.  During Sage’s Live session, she will teach you how to apply these techniques and principles, to your aging animal.


Course Outline

➡️ Welcome to the Course

➡️ About the Method

  • Goals & Overview
  • Components

➡️ Attitude & Philosophy

  • Core Principles
  • Staying Grounded

➡️ Observation & Awareness

  • What to Look For
  • The 5 Fs

➡️ Basics of Bodywork

  • Understanding & Refining the TTouches
  • Introductory Techniques

➡️ All Wrapped Up:  TTouch Body Wraps

  • Quarter & Half Wraps

➡️ Change the Posture; Change the Animal – Basic Leash Skills

  • Handler Skill Building
  • Balance Leash

➡️ Finding Harmony – Loose Leash Tools

  • Fit & Function
  • Harmony Harness, Leash & Handle
  • TTouch Connector

➡️ The Next Steps

This workshop includes:

The online portion of the course is an Introductory course about the Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs and includes:

  • 8 Lessons: Each consisting of several specific topics.
  • Over 50 “how-to” videos and lectures about each specific concept and exercise
  • Easy to follow mind maps
  • 24/7 access to all materials

The LIVE interactive portion of the course includes:

  • 1 Day of learning in an intimate, supportive, group setting
  • 5 hours per day with Sage Lewis, coaching the group to success with their animals and themselves.
  • In class assistants co-teaching and supporting the group’s learning and questions.
  • Recorded sessions for future viewing

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