Make Walks Fun Again: Loose Leash Walking

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Have walks become more of a source of dread than one of joy?

  • Maybe your four legged friend makes you feel like a water skier, pulling with impressive strength?
  • Or, do you worry that passing another dog will result in an embarrassing and noisy interaction of lunging and barking?
  • Perhaps you just want a little more ease and fun in the process, for you and your faithful companion?

Help is here!  While there are a lot of reasons behind challenges on leash, we have some simple, easy, and low stress solutions to help you and your canine friend find the fun in your on leash walks.

Join us as we take you through some of the easiest, most useful ways you can incorporate the Tellington TTouch® Method into your daily routine.

To help you and your dog, we highly recommend the TTouch Harmony Harness System and TTouch Connector for low-stress, joyful walks on leash.

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