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Tellington TTouch “Cell-ebration” Registration


October 14th through 17th, 2022

➡️ Over 40 Expert presenters from various backgrounds and areas of expertise

➡️ Ten LIVE panels on various topics open for discussion & personalized questions

➡️ Full access to ALL conference content for one FULL year

➡️ Bonus material and discounts on learn.ttouch.ca

Join the celebration! Learn so many amazing ways TTouch and many other complementary modalities can transform the way your relationship with your animal!

Whether you’re a new guardian or life long four legged lover, this online conference will give e you new ideas, tools and perspectives to help every animal you meet!

From integrative veterinarian medicine to animal communication, flower essence to Feldenkrais, there is truly something for everyone!  Riders, trainers, groomers, vet techs, veterinarians, shelter workers and animal lovers will go away with so much information and a new sense of connection with your animal partners!

Come join us for a fabulous 4 days, October 14th through October 17th, 2022; of learning, sharing and fun with a group of experts from around the world, brought together with the common goal of helping people and their animals.  The Tellington TTouch Cell-ebration Virtual Online Conference will be an unbelievable resource for anyone who wants to improve the lives of their animals.

Starting October 14th, a selection of pre-recorded presentations will be released to participants each day as well as access to scheduled, LIVE panels via Zoom.   In these LIVE panels a group of presenters will come together to discuss specific topics, sharing their own perspectives and knowledge while allowing for audience participation and questions in the group and small break-out rooms..

All sessions are recorded and Live panels will be posted for future viewing.  Enjoy new content releases each day of the conference.  All registrants will have access to content and recordings for a FULL year after the conference.

Register now and gain access to an amazing array of presentations from experts in the horse, dog and animal world.

Combining the expertise of our world-class Tellington TTouch Instructors with the vast knowledge of our veterinarian, trainer, and expert colleagues these sessions will provide an incredible learning experience.

Do not miss this collaboration of forward-thinking, empathetic and innovative experts!  Check out our line-up of presenters.

Here are just a FEW of the amazing session topics!

  • The Neurobiology of Threat: How to help animals/people feel safe and why it matters
  • Myokinetic Fascia Lines
  • A Homeopathic and Holistic Approach to Behavior Issues in Horses
  • Catch 22: The way you catch your camelid CHANGES everything
  • Balanced in Everyday Life: Understanding the nervous system and strengthening the vagus nerve using TTouch
  • Expanding Consciousness Through Tellington TTouch®
  • From Fear to Forever Home: How TTouch Can Help Cats in Shelters
  • Learn to be a Sleuth Dog®
  • TTouch for Endurance Riding: Training, Competition & Recovery
  • Arousal in Dogs: How the Tellington TTouch Training method can help these dogs calm, learn and thrive
  • Dog Grooming using Tellington TTouch Training
  • SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program®
  • The M.A.G.I.C of the wand in TTOUCH
  • Tellington TTouch for Senior Dog Care
  • The Intimate Link between Behavior, Posture, and Balance
  • Animal Assisted Therapy & TTouch
  • Tapir to Tarantulas: TTouch for Every Species
  • Lost in Translation: Recognizing & Understanding Dog Emotions
  • TTouch & Adolescent dogs
  • TTouch for Sport Horses
  • TTouch for Neurological Concerns
  • A Hero’s Journey: Turning Client’s Despair into Confidence”
  • “Ground Driving for All Equines”
  • “A Novel Idea: How the unusual enhances learning”
  • “The Mighty Microbiome: the importance of a healthy in and on the body & in the gut”
  • “Possibilities through Posture”
  • “Feldenkrais for Self-Care”
  • “Tellington TTouch in the Saddle: Techniques & Tools to Improve Your Riding”
  • “A TTouch of My Favorite Things”
  • “TTouch & the Power of Thoughts & Intentions”
  • “TTouch & Science”

Registration has SO many benefits!

➡️ Over 35 unique, innovative, sessions each on topics complementary to the Tellington TTouch Method

➡️ More than 10 LIVE PANEL discussions with groups of experts on a variety of interesting subjects

➡️ Interactive “Break-out” Sessions for intimate, personalized learning

➡️ 40+ hours of on-demand video recordings

➡️ Presentation PDFs (when provided by the speaker)

➡️ Full access to all recordings for one year (until October 19th, 2023)

➡️ BONUS Course with Presentations from our 2019 “Cell-ebration”

➡️ BONUS: 15% off online courses offered at learn.ttouch.ca (coupon expires September 19th)

➡️ Counts as 2 credits towards Practitioner Certification

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