Tellington TTouch® for Dogs: Foundation Course – Practitioner Certification


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Go through the course content at your own pace with support from your fellow students and knowledgeable instructors.  Enjoy informative and fun live Zoom webinars with your group where you can ask questions and receive detailed clarification and explanations about what you learn online.


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If you are looking for a more gentle and effective way to work with your own animals, or want to work with animals professionally, the Tellington TTouch method may be the answer for you.

Our method involves the use of techniques that will mutually enhance the relationship between people and animals, improve an animal’s health, and encourage a better response to training.

This Certification program is designed for people who want to share the benefits of the Tellington Method with their own animals as well as for people who want to work with animals on a full or part-time basis. There are hundreds of TTouch Practitioners all over the world.

Some work full-time with private clients, many do the Tellington Method part-time in addition to their other jobs, and some incorporate what they have learned into their work with animals in shelters, with rescue groups, obedience schools, veterinary clinics and zoos.

The rewards of this training program include an inspiring way to relate to animals plus a new appreciation and understanding of themselves.


This course is part of the Practitioner Certification track– for those wishing to become Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioners.


The Practitioner Certification track is the distance learning option that can be used in conjunction with our current Tellington TTouch Practitioner Program.  Certification is SKILL BASED rather than simply a matter of completion.

Currently there are thousands of Practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide.  This Distance Learning, Online, module allows for a reduced number of hands on hours for certification with feedback, support, and instruction regardless of location.

The Tellington TTouch Method is a all encompassing set of techniques, mindset, and exercises that can easily be applied in whole or in parts to your everyday life with dogs.

The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, hands-on approach that improves well-being, behaviour, cooperation and the relationship people have with animals. It includes the use of a specialized form of bodywork, specific types of equipment and creative movement exercises that are easy to learn and used with all types of animals.

Most importantly, the Tellington TTouch Method facilitates trust and enhanced communication between humans and animals.  TTouch can be integrated into daily life to increase confidence, reduce stress, improve focus and enhance well-being, making TTouch perfect for busy people!

These techniques are easy to learn and provide many solutions to common concerns by recognizing each animal and person as unique individuals.  Rather than a set protocol for particular issues, the Tellington TTouch Method offers creative solutions customized to each situation.

This course has been created to provide a strong foundation in the Tellington TTouch Method. This is also an excellent opportunity to provide alternative learning options for people who are unable to attend clinics or workshops.

This course is run in small cohorts, lead by a certified Tellington TTouch Instructor.  Participants will work alongside their peers and attend private Zoom discussion webinars, as well as receive support via email and private Facebook Group.

Payment program available.


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To be Certified as a Practitioner via the Online Learning Track you will need to complete:


• 13 Learning Modules (6 if your specialty is non-canine companion animals)
• Hands on instruction* (previous experience can count) from an approved teacher (cost not included)
• 5 Case Studies
• Video Evaluation submissions
• Written assessment questions and course quizzes (80% passing requirement)


With the non-linear, layered, and kinesthetic learning model the PC track does require* some hands-on instruction.

The full PC Practitioner option requires attendance at 12 days (minimum)* of hands-on training with an approved Instructor.

Once the student has completed the requisite course work and hands-on hours, the student will be required to submit video case studies and examples to demonstrate a satisfactory skill level.

Certification at the completion of the course is contingent on the evaluation of the coursework, videos, and overall skill level.


*Special consideration can be made for those in remote areas or countries without scheduled trainings


Requirements must be completed within 2 years.  Final Certification is skill based.  Completion of the requirements does not guarantee certification.


If you have previously attended a Clinic or Workshop with Robyn Hood or another qualified person, it may be classed as a Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Robyn will assess RPL on a case by case basis.


In addition to completing the above requirement you must be able to demonstrate a basic competency in skills and be able to guide a person one-on-one.


Payment program available.


  • Prices in US Dollars



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