Sally Morgan, PT CST

Sally Morgan, PT CST has been a Tellington TTouch Practitioner since 1988. She has an extensive background in the equestrian arts including national rankings in dressage with her Morgan horses. Sally is a pioneer in Equine and Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy and has been practicing and teaching this work since 1992. Sally, a holistic physical therapist for over twenty years, has a private practice specializing in manual therapy, including Craniosacral, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Vibrational Healing, Myofascial Release, Tellington TTouch and Emotion Code work for people and animals.

She has been a featured speaker at many international conferences and pet expos. Sally travels widely teaching Equine and Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy and Tellington TTouch courses. She is the author of the Amazon best seller Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals, in which Sally shares how she learned to listen to animals with her heart to make deeper connections with them. Linda Tellington-Jones applauds the book saying, “This is a must-read for everyone who loves animals!” Sally also created a unique deck of Animal Connection Cards offering 52 ways to enhance your relationships with your animals.

Visit Sally’s YouTube channel “Conversations With A Corgi” that includes her nearly 700 Facebook Live talks on health, wellness, and the human-animal bond. Her website features articles she has written as well as her TEDx talk titled after her book Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals.

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