Gerrie Mare

I initially thought that I wouldn’t enjoy this (online) as much as the “in-person” courses, as I usually learn better with seeing the picture take shape in person. This course however gives you the time to go back with questions. I think everybody has to […]

Lisa Hird

I loved the module and it was so easy to understand and follow. Fabulous videos too. Great refresher on the TTouches I already knew but I learned some new ones – just need to practice now. I actually used some touches on my nervous boy today […]

Joeline Barnato-Moore

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute – the online lessons and assignments, and the Zoom calls, I so enjoyed being part of a group of likeminded dog lovers. I feel I was stretched to do a bit better each time although my video making skills still […]

Melanie Voges

The study materials, Zoom meetings and discussion are a great way of learning. Even though we could not physically meet the classed were well presented and the hosts were amazing. I have learned so much. The course is a winner and can’t wait to do […]