Full Wraps


If your dog is comfortable with “Quarter” and “Half” wrap configurations, and you are looking for increased awareness in the hind quarters, a “Full Wrap” Body Wrap configuration may be a good option.


There are several different “Full Wrap” configurations, each with their own purpose.


Many dogs improve their gait, relax their tails, and feel more confident while wearing the “Basic Full Body Wrap”.  It brings a lot of self awareness to the hind legs and can help to release tension in the hips and pelvis.


The “Racing Stripe” is a well secured full body wrap which stays on well even if the dog lies down.  It is a great tool for making contact along the top-line, integrating the hind end and connecting to the belly to the back.  The “Racing Stripe” is a good choice once a dog is comfortable wearing less complicated configurations.


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