Lifts & Slides: Python Lift, Coiled Python, Snail’s Tail, Inch Worm & Troika

TTouch techniques that fit into the “Lift & Slide” Family, are a great way to work with large areas of tissue in a diffused, non-threatening way.

Python Lift

Coiled Python

The “Coiled Python” is a combination of a Circular TTouch (usually Abalone or Lying Leopard) with a gentle “Python Lift” at the end of the circle and a quarter. It is a great TTouch to encourage relaxation in large muscle groups, such as along the back or shoulder. Simply begin your Circular TTouch and as you get to “9” on the clock, pause and gently lift the tissue for a moment, breathing, then slowly carry it back down to “9” and then “6”, the lowest point of gravity.

Snail’s Tail

Inch Worm

The “Inch Worm” is a wonderful technique that can be used along the entire top line from poll to tail. Most horses find this to be relaxing and enjoyable. If your horse does not seem to respond positively, chance your pressure and speed and check that your hands are soft and you are breathing.

Simply place your hands on the top of the neck about 4 inches apart, allowing you thumbs to rest on the near side of the crest with your finger tips on the other. Gently move your hands closer together, without sliding, pause and then allow the tissue to slowly move back to where it started and slightly beyond. Then slide your hands to the next position down the neck and repeat the process.


The “Troika” is a wonderful TTouch to use to help establish trust; alleviate itchy spots without aggravating the histamine response further or make quick, non-threatening contact in and out of areas that your horse may be concerned about.