The Balance Leash

Pulling on the leash is a common problem for dogs and their people. Generally the more pressure you have on the dog’s collar the more it triggers him to pull and pulling causes many dogs to be more reactive. This is not intentional on the part of the dog but rather a reflex; remember – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Taking the pressure off the neck and onto the chest puts a dog in better balance and brings his weight back over his feet instead of leaning forward.

The Balance Leash is one of the original Tellington TTouch leading tools for dogs.  It is one of the simplest and easy to use techniques, and has the versatility to be used on the fly with virtually any type of leash or harness/collar configuration.  This makes the Balance Leash a fantastic tool for shelter workers or for any situation when you are unable to use a harness and two points of contact. It can come in handy if your dog regularly walks on a loose leash but occasionally needs help coming back into balance.

The “Balance Leash Plus” is a variation of the “Balance Leash”.  It is a more effective option for small dogs or those who are likely to back or twirl out of the regular “Balance Leash” configuration.

Unlike the “Balance Leash” where the leash comes across the chest, in the “Balance Leash Plus”, the leash goes behind the elbow, opposite the side you are walking on, and comes up between the dog’s from leg, and is threaded through the collar for stability.