Bodywraps for You

TTouch Shrug Bodywrap to reduce shoulder tension.

There are a variety of wraps to use with people.  The advantage with people is that they can give you verbal feedback and about how they feel, how long to keep them on and where they would like them placed.  We have seen help with posture, headaches, well-being, confidence and movement.

Body Wraps have been helpful when working with your dog.  Your posture will affect your effectiveness when walking your dog by triggering the opposition reflex.  If you are tense or tight in your own body it will often be reflected in the dog;  this is particularly important if you have a dog who is reactive or nervous in some situations.

The multitude of configurations that affect the torso is a reflection of how many dysfunctional postural habits we have through our neck, shoulders, and back.

How each of these configurations change posture and tension patterns is very individual.  If one does not seem to be effective, trying another variation is recommended.

If you find yourself hunching your shoulders or suffer from “computer neck”, you may find that the “Shrug Wrap” offers instant relief and enhances your body awareness, making it easier to change deep seated postural habits.



Other useful Bodywrap configurations are the “Crossing Guard” and “Sensei”.  Both are excellent choices for tense or misaligned posture and can make a huge impact on how a handler is able to positively influence their dog.





To learn more about these specific configurations please refer to “All Wrapped Up: For You”, by Robyn Hood & Mandy Pretty.