TTouch Harmony Harness, Leash, Handle System

TTouch Harmony Harness

For many years we have found that two points of contact changes the way we can influence a dog’s balance so we used many combinations and taught people to hold the leash in two hands.

Inspired by the  Freedom Leash sliding handle, Robyn Hood developed the Harmony Leash and Handle as a complement to the TTouch Harmony Harness.

The leash itself is adjustable in length and allows for versatility and ease of use for the handler and the handle has a swivel which is less likely to tangle or twist the leash.

All snaps and hardware on the leash are lightweight yet durable so as not to interfere with the dog’s balance or comfort.

Both the adjustable Harmony Leash and Harmony Handle can be used together, for optimal results, or on their own.  The TTouch Harmony Harness is designed with this leash/handle set in mind.

This addition to the Tellington TTouch Method has made the quest for loose leash walking even easier to attain by helping the dog and handler find a balanced connection.

Two point attachment encourages a more balanced posture for dog and handler. The handle allows for the contact to move from front to back, dividing the pressure.   There is often an instant the change in balance and relaxation.

Using this configuration of Handle and Leash is quite effortless and with a few simple techniques you can easily troubleshoot some of the most habitual leash pullers.