What to Look For


TEllington ttouch dog observation mindmap


















An important component of the Tellington TTouch is using observational skills to assess and understand an animal.  This is not meant to create a label or make a judgment about an animal, it is simply a way to notice how an animal is in that given point in time.

Developing your eye to find subtle cues in your dog’s balance, posture, and physical tendencies is incredibly important in understanding behavior.   Honing you powers of observation will improve your intuition and overall skills in knowing where to start or approach an animal.  When you start to see an animal with “new eyes” you can begin to understand the root cause of behavior rather than have the behavior become the animal.


We pay careful attention and are sensitive to all  we can notice about the body and the behavior, including:

  • Breathing
  • Calming signals
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Person and her interaction with her person
  • Physical condition
  • Response as we touch any particular area
  • Variations in body temperature on different parts of her body
  • Coat quality
  • Tension anywhere in her body
  • Balance
  • Coat texture, and variations in that
  • Curls and swirls – changes in coat
  • Changes in muscle tone