A Little Goes a Long Way


Ollie the best dog ever

One of the most amazing things about the Tellington TTouch Bodywork is how much benefit can be gained with so little time.  Adding just a few minutes of mindful, TTouch to your time with your dog can bring about dramatic changes in their behavior, relaxation, and overall trust in you as a person.

  Always remember to go back to the “9 Elements” of TTouch and the concept of “Chunking Down” to adjust your techniques in a way that is acceptable to your dog.  It is important to approach any of the exercises as things we are doing FOR our animal, not TO them.  Anytime is seems that they “don’t like” what you are doing, think of it as an opportunity to change your technique and find what they “do like”. 

As you listen to your animal’s smallest signals about how acceptable they find something, you build trust and your animal realizes that they do not have to “shout” to get your attention.

 We hope you enjoy incorporating TTouch into your everyday interactions with your dogs or any animal you meet.  If you found the Bodywork component helpful, be sure to check out our other Modules that incorporate our various Tools and Leading exercises.

 Please do not hesitate to get in TTouch!