Quarter & Half Wraps

TTouch Quarter bodywrap for dogs













Any Body Wrap configuration can be very helpful reducing fear with loud noise, thunderstorms, carsickness, gaining confidence; improving movement and reducing stress.

The “Quarter” and “Half” are the simplest wrap variations and in many cases all that are needed.   The “Quarter Wrap’ wrap just goes across the chest, crosses over the back and is most easily closed on the side of the ribcage.   It is generally the easiest for a dog to accept so it is a good introductory configuration.

“Quarter Wraps” are easy to apply so it is a good choice for very active, anxious dogs that have difficulty being still and is a great introduction before a harness is put on.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this configuration can have an immediate calming effect on over-the-top, nervous, anxious, or reactive dogs.  Applying the “Quarter Wrap” and introducing some TTouch Bodywork and/or Groundwork can be a necessary step for dogs who are unsure about the Body Wraps.

The “Half Wrap” starts with the middle of the bandage centered on the middle of the chest, the ends come around to cross over the back and then under the belly and attach on the top of the dog.  Be careful that if you are tying the wrap or using a pin it is not sitting on the top of the spine.

If a dog is nervous about the wrap coming from the front you can often start with using the wrap to do a few belly lifts and then put the wrap on from the back.