About the Courses

Start with one our “Intro” courses.  These 10-hour Interactive sessions will give you a great introduction to the Method and give you a solid foundation for subsequent courses.

Great!   If you are working towards certification, the five- or six-day trainings you attended accrue 2 credits per day towards your 60 credits required to be evaluated for Practitioner status.   You will be delighted by how easily you will learn with the linear style of the Online course content in conjunction with the more fluid format of the Interactive, Live sessions.

There is SO MUCH to learn!  The nature of the Tellington TTouch Method is that there are many nuances and details to everything we do that can make the work even more successful.  The first time you learn an approach or exercise you will take away a “first approximation” and it will work however as you explore and experiment on your own you will discover that small changes and specific ways of doing things will make you more flexible and successful with a wider variety of animals.

Even in our traditional six, 6-day training formats, students will learn new pieces and “layers” by their 6th training, even if some of the content was repeated!

Each Interactive learning session will include a new set of participants and their animals who will bring new challenges and learning opportunities.

The curriculum presented in the online course is the same as that included in the in-person trainings.  The major difference is that the online courses do not include working together with other participants and receiving in person feedback, or experiencing how a specific technique may feel (e.g. leading techniques, TTouches, etc.).  This is the reason that some of the credits toward certification must come from in person experience.

Interactive: In an Interactive class you will listen to and speak with the Instructor and other students in a virtual Zoom classroom.   Zoom is an online platform for meetings and webinars that allows you to join from the comfort of your own home on your computer or any device.  You will have the opportunity to share, watch, and discuss lessons, as well as ask questions in real time while listening to the Instructor and other students.   Interactive classes meet at set days and times weekly, biweekly or monthly. Assignments, quizzes and examinations are completed at set intervals.  

Online: In an Online Course you will watch previously recorded courses and lessons on demand. Many of the Online Courses serve as the foundation content to the interactive class. You may access the class any time that is convenient for you.  You will then proceed to complete all assignments, quizzes and examinations at your own pace.  NOTE: If you are taking one of the Interactive/Online courses that combines the two formats, you may have specific deadlines for completing assignments.  

Yes, if want the course to count towards your Practitioner status.

You will be asked to practice various techniques between classes and submit videos of your practice.  You will also be required to complete and submit 5 detailed case studies of your work with animals in order to receive your certification.

The online course is linear, however, the interactive Zoom courses are fluid according to the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole. 

There are quizzes as part of the online course, and there will be a final examination in order to become a Certified Practitioner.

Having a dog with you during parts of the interactive courses can be helpful if you want specific feedback during the class and can position your camera so that the Instructor can see what you are doing. 

A cat or other companion animal can certainly help you practice the TTouches and some other techniques.

If you do not have a suitable dog to practice on during the class, a stuffed animal can be a good substitution.  You will want to have dogs to work with between classes to improve your technique, gain confidence, and for your case studies.

Having a stuffed dog can be very useful for practicing TTouch Body Wraps and some other techniques.

The most common reason that people might have difficulty is forgetting to log in first. 

Once you are logged in, you will see the course or courses where you are enrolled. 

Technical support is available if you have further difficulties.

You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link that will be emailed to you or going to join.zoom.us and entering in the meeting ID.

Due to the nature of online content, we do not offer refunds on our Online Courses. 

Our Interactive & Online Courses are subject to a cancellation policy.

About Certification

60 credits are required to be eligible to take the Practitioner Certification test. 

Some students may choose to take additional courses before they feel ready to be tested.  If you want to teach workshops, you will need an additional 12 credits, for a total of 72 credits to be eligible for Practitioner 1 Certification.

A minimum number of in-person credits may be required.  Final certification is based on the demonstration of skills and understanding of the curriculum.

Yes.  You are required to submit 5 detailed case studies in order to be certified. You will receive additional information on format and requirements for the case studies during the course. 

You are encouraged to begin taking notes as soon as you start working with dogs and applying the skills you have learned.  These can include your observations, what you did and what changes you noticed.  As you go through the course, you will learn more about the importance of case notes and how to create the five cases required for certification

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