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Transforming Horse Training: The Tellington Way

Masterclass with Linda Tellington-Jones: February 2024 (EST)

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About the Class:

Dates: Saturdays – February 3rd, February 17th, March 2nd, March 16th, April 6th & 20th.

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 PST via Interactive Zoom Sessions/ 18:00 – 21:00 GMT ( All sessions will be recorded in case you cannot make all of the live times)

Required Reading: “Training & Re-Training Horses: The Tellington Way” By Linda Tellington-Jones with Mandy Pretty

Certification Credits: 14

By merging a forward-thinking, low-stress, and horse-friendly approach with numerous techniques and exercises, you’ll gain the tools to assist horses of all ages and disciplines. This includes improving behavior, performance, and trust, while nurturing and bolstering your connection and relationship with your horse.  These sessions will be a combination of Linda “Talking Story” along with videos of the methods and techniques she used to affect positive change.

This class is inspirational while providing, step-by-step, practical and effective solutions.  It is suitable for all experience levels and areas of interest!

(recorded in case you cannot make all dates!)

🧡 Are you passionate about horses and eager to enhance your knowledge and skills?

🧡 Do you know a horse that could benefit from support in overcoming old, undesirable habits in behavior, posture, or sensitivities?

🧡 Is there a horse in your life carrying unresolved “baggage” from past experiences or displaying recent undesirable behaviors?

🧡 Perhaps you have a young horse and want to prepare them for training with the best possible start?

🧡 Or maybe you’re seeking to help your own horse overcome challenges or concerns in a safe and systematic way, to help override basic instincts and encourage whole brain learning?


Discover how to “see your horse with new eyes” and learn how you can transform behavior, performance and well-being with an innovative approach that will deepen the connection and relationship you have with your horse.

Whether you’re dealing with a blank-slate youngster or an older horse entrenched in old habits, this Masterclass will equip you with a wealth of knowledge, principles, exercises, and techniques. These can seamlessly integrate with your existing expertise.

Have you ever had a horse that was “perfect” but may have a “quirk” or habit that you wish you could change?  In this class, Linda will teach you to truly see your horse and look past behavior and find the root cause of concern, tension pattern or instance of fear at the root of the problem.  Using a gentle and heart-centered, you will discover how to help your horse feel safer, more confident and trusting in you AND their own bodies, so that they can learn to override instincts of the sympathetic nervous system while engaging the para-sympathetic.

Legendary Horsewoman and pioneer in equine wellness, Linda Tellington-Jones will introduce exercises that progressively build upon each other and can also be used independently. These exercises aim to help your horse feel safer, more self-confident, and capable of exercising self-control rather than reacting impulsively to situations.  During these sessions your learning will be supported by skilled instructors, who will facilitate learning in small breakout room sessions as well as some guest Instructors who will share their breadth of knowledge and experience.

Discover the subtle art of “Observation” and attunement, skills Linda has possessed since childhood. Becoming a horse listener is pivotal in establishing trust and working in harmony WITH your horse.

As you learn to listen, you’ll be able to introduce vital trust-building techniques that define how you and your horse interact in a mutually aware and trusting manner.

Introducing TTouch Bodywork techniques at any point can help alleviate tension, foster body awareness, and encourage better self-carriage, all while honing your horse listening skills—working with your horse rather than just working “on” your horse.

Building on the increased relaxation, trust, and body awareness from bodywork, engage in mindful, functional groundwork exercises—also known as Dance Steps. These exercises, conducted through various non-habitual leading exercises, including navigating the elements in the “Playground for Higher Learning,” aim to help horses shift long-standing postural habits and imbalances and find more functional ways of using their bodies.   As you and your horse gain confidence with Dance Steps, Linda will introduce the Tellington way of Ground Driving, a crucial exercise for both started and un-started horses alike.

Moving from groundwork, Linda will expand on further riding exercises and tools with the Joy of Riding, invaluable for horses at all training stages.

In addition to learning work with horses, you will learn about TTouch-for-You, an empowering way to help release fear and tension and help promote awareness and function at a cellular level.  Linda will discuss the impact of “Science & Spirituality” and how her sparks of intuition and”knowing” have lead to develop the work as we know it today.

Students will also learn the process of “Journeying” in their minds with their horses as a process to understand and become more aware of the deeper roles these wonderful animals have to share.

This is a supportive, inclusive and inspiring class that will empower you with simple, gentle, yet extraordinary principles and techniques that can transform the lives of your animals, as well as yourself.

Registration Benefits


🐎Intimate and Interactive Learning: Immerse yourself in four captivating sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, as Linda takes you on a personal journey through her extraordinary life’s work.

🐎 Stories and Case Studies: Linda will share heartwarming stories and insightful case studies that showcase her revolutionary and inspiring methodologies in working with horses.

🐎 Ahead of Her Time: Discover how Linda has consistently been ahead of her time, incorporating both science and spirituality into her Tellington Method. Uncover the secrets behind her unique approach that has earned her worldwide recognition.

🐎 Unveiling the Power of Intention: Linda will delve into the role of intention and intuition, unveiling how these aspects have been pivotal in her unparalleled success in the equine world.

🐎 Empowerment for You and Your Horse: Prepare to be inspired beyond belief! Gain practical, effective, and empathetic techniques that will empower you to build a profound connection with your horses at home.

🐎 Practical Sessions: These aren’t just lectures; they’re hands-on experiences! Linda will guide you through practical sessions that will leave you equipped with newfound skills and approaches.

🐎 Learning Support: In addition to your interactive sessions with Linda, you will also receive lifetime access to a online course material, full of step-by-step videos, articles and lectures to support you on your learning journey.

🐎 Community: Even after the sessions are finished, you can still stay supported in our like-minded, caring community of students and teachers via monthly Zoom Q&A sessions and private Facebook group.

🐎 Limited Availability: This opportunity to learn directly from a living legend is not to be missed. With limited spots available, secure your place now!

Who is this for?


Anyone, from  novices to lifelong competitors will walk away with a new understanding of horse behavior and how you can cooperatively and positively influence behavior, performance and well-being while enhancing your equine-human relationship.

Elevate your horsemanship under the guidance of Linda Tellington-Jones.

Reserve your spot today for a journey that will forever change the way you interact with and understand your equine companions.

What is included?


🧡 18 + hours of live and interactive Zoom sessions with Linda Tellington-Jones

🧡 Recordings of all live sessions

🧡 Lifetime Access to a comprehensive online course outlining many of the specific techniques and exercises described by Linda in her live discussions

🧡 Exclusive access to recordings of all Zoom sessions

🧡 Hours of how-to videos

🧡 Access to a private Facebook support group

* Payment plans and financial assistance available.  Please contact the office: [email protected]

*In the case of circumstances outside of our control (instructor illness etc) a class date will be re-scheduled.

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