Cataract Surgery and My Transformation Back to Health

Linda Tellington-Jones during her cataract surgery

On August 1st I flew from Kona, Hawaii to Tampa, Florida for cataract surgery. What I experienced can only be described as a miracle.

Not only can I see without glasses, the health issue symptoms I have been suffering from for more than a year are gone: The debilitating effects of Epstein-Barr virus, leaky gut, auto-immune disease of the thyroid, and osteoarthritis and serious lack of enthusiasm have disappeared!

I’ve been working diligently with Naturopathic and Integrative doctors and was at times better, but a long way from my normal vibrant, enthusiastic self.

Two weeks after cataract surgery I am feeling energetic and back to my usual enthusiastic self. If you have been putting off cataract surgery I hope my experience will give you courage. And if you don’t know your surgeon, consider following my path to the Perich Eye Center in Florida.

Why did I fly almost 5000 miles to the Perish Eye Center in New Port Richey?

 Thanks to a karmic connection my brother Randy and I made with the Dr. Larry Perich and his family at Equitana USA in the 90s!  They organized a training at their Paso Fino Ranch and we stayed in touch over all these years.  

When I was told that I would likely lose the sight in my right eye due to Macular degeneration, Randy insisted I fly to Dr Larry Perich in Florida. Thank Heaven I did!

My left eye had 20/80 vision and my right eye with the MD 20/200, basically blind – and NOT eligible for cataract surgery I was told.

I was also warned that my left eye was seriously deteriorating.

I had been struggling to use the computer for more than a year.

I am writing this on the flight home and I am thrilled with how much easier it is to look at a computer screen now!

My left eye has 20/20 vision and has a special Vivity /Toric lens to see intermediate and distant range. My right eye still has the Macular Degeneration, but with a new Envista Toric lens and Dr Larry Perish’s genius, I see  close-up with20/40 vision!! Seems like a

I expected to wear over-the-counter reading glasses for my phone and computer, but I don’t need them !

It’s normally recommended that you do the eyes about a week apart to allow for adjustment. But I was doing so well after the first day that my left eye the following day and filmed it just to show what a simple procedure it is.

If your vision is getting fuzzy and cataract surgery is recommended, please do it and don’t wait like I did.  Six months ago I didn’t have macular degeneration and I believe if I followed the advice of my Hawaiian eye specialist I could have lost my sight in the right eye.

Belowis a video with Dr. Tanja Perich, describing some of the techniques I used for my own self-care and recovery.

 Tanja is the brilliant daughter of Dr. Larry Perich. I stayed as a guest in her home which gave her a new perspective on follow-up after surgery. 

You can book a cataract tele-medicine consult with Dr. Tanya Perich  directly through Perich Esthetics at 727 777 2640. Tell them it’s for a cataract consultation.

16 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery and My Transformation Back to Health”

  1. Wonderful news! Glad you had such a positive experience.

    I had cataract surgery last October and am thrilled with the results. I’m grateful that I had such a wonderful ophthalmologist who made the whole process as stress-free as possible.

    1. I am sincerely thrilled for you. Exactly how this operation improved all your other issues is a mystery to me.

  2. How great to get this info right now. I’m scheduled for cataract surgery in October and now can’t wait. Met you years ago at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison WI and you even laid hands on both of my TWHs. I was so honored. I had been using your technique for years at that time. Wishing you a full recovery, but it sounds like you’re well on your way. I’m now in Rio Rancho NM.

  3. Beth Rubenstein

    Thank you so much for sharing this. So generous as usual. I will store this away until my next visit with my ophthalmologist

  4. Claire Ryle Garrison

    Blessings, dear Linda. I had no idea you’ve been going through all this. What a miraculous recovery! All love to you. Claire

  5. Christina Maniccia, Davidson, NC

    I was so sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well but I’m elated to hear you are doing so much better now! You are such a gift to this world, I’m happy someone could give back to you. I hope you continue to regain your health on many levels. I recently began seeing a doctor of osteopath and have been amazed at the difference when I get a manipulation from her! Much gentler than a chiropractor, more like the TTouch therory!
    Blessings to you, dear Linda, may you be well, may you be happy and content, may you be safe and protected, May you be filled with loving-kindness. Christina Maniccia

    1. Aloha Linda,
      Thank you for your good wishes about my eyes.
      I was wondering the same thing.
      It must be cataract surgery for dogs by this time.
      I just don’t know about it but I am certain it’s out there or it certainly should be.
      However for horses, I have never heard of it but I will pass this question along to some of our most experienced international equine veterinarians. I’ll let you know if I find anything out. And if you discover someone who’s doing it please let me know. Thank you for following me. Blessings, Linda

  6. Christina Maniccia

    I see you have a new companion, me too. She looks like a Chinese Crested. I think Bella has some of that in her too. She was a puppy mill breeder dog. I’ve had her 3 years. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/1f/15/6264BD14-F8F6-46B0-BA3F-9C88AB40FD47/IMG_4063.jpeg

  7. Jacquelin Smith

    Wonderful news, Linda! A friend let me know what has gone on with you, and shared your sharing this with everyone. Don’t know if you remember me, but many years ago, we met and talked, and you wrote a great testimony for my book, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection.

    Your work is amazing! I share TTouch with many people and often refer them to your site.
    Love & Blessings To You – Jacquelin Smith

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      So lovely to hear from you. I have been questioning for two years why it seems dark out and foggy. And it was so frustrating because I had to get out of my car to read Street signs if my GPS was not working. Because of Covid cataract surgery was put off and in the meantime my right eye developed macular degeneration and I was told that could make me blind and couldn’t have cataract surgery.

      I was totally blessed by knowing Dr Larry Perich. I met his whole family at Equitana in Kentucky mini years ago and my brother Randy had kept in touch with him. I had also done a workshop at their beautiful Pasafino farm. So I flew to Florida and his Perich Eye Center worked miracles. It was expected I would need glasses to see my computer but I don’t. his daughter Dr. Tanya Perich did my left eye with a lens that sees both intermediate and distance. That’s new. And my right eye sees up close with different lens.
      I trust you are doing well through this Covid.

      Blessings on the work you do, Linda

  8. Elizabeth Kaye McCall

    Aloha and thank you for sharing this inspirational story of your eye surgery and how a connection made through your work and horses delivered you to the doctor who would save your sight. I love you!

  9. We love you Linda and want you to be able to travel and gift computer-based classes as long as possible. Thank you also for the name of the eye doctors as many of us will have similar issues at some point.

  10. What a scary journey it must have been for you. I am glad to know you could be helped and are getting back to your vibrant self.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Mahalo!

  11. Barbara L Dotta

    Linda: You look great – seriously wonderful. Good for you. Unfortunate for me, I had cataract surgery about 25 years ago, with a bad surgeon in the 1st eye and a pretty good surgeon in the 2nd. I understand that you cannot ever remove a lens and replace it without great risk. I went to Stanford for review of the 1st. Not much we could do because the lens used was too small. So, what I am excited to hear is that things have really advanced and you were able to benefit by waiting. Great news for you. Miss you.

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