Getting in TTouch with your Horse's personality

Getting in TTouch® with Your Horse’s Personality

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Loosely based on Linda’s BESTSELLING (and now out of print) book “Getting in TTouch with Your Horse: How to Assess and Influence Personality, Potiential, and Performance“, this course will give you the tools to understand and interact with your horse in a more meaningful, effective way.

This course is suitable for horse lovers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Students will have access to online material to cover at their own pace.  The online portion of learning consists of a logical, linear, “Getting in TTouch with Your Horse’s Personality”, which can be accessed at any time.

The online portion of the course includes:

  •  6 Lessons: Each consisting of several specific areas of personality analysis.
  •  Easy to follow lessons and “how-to”  lectures about each specific concept.
  • Case studies to help advance your own learning
  • 24/7 access to all materials

2 thoughts on “Getting in TTouch® with Your Horse’s Personality”

  1. Such an interesting topic – I find it endlessly fascinating. I gave a copy of Linda’s original book to a friend years ago and she later told me that she wouldn’t consider going to look at a horse to buy without taking the book with her! I recently bought a 20 yo Arabian mare – she’s a “project” but her facial features back up my gut feeling that she’s basically an honest, dependable horse. Hopefully, we can overcome her acquired issues to reveal her true gentle, trustworthy self.

    1. Yes! Linda’s interpretation of personality tendencies can be so helpful in how you approach and understand a horse – and see their innate tendencies; beyond behavior! You may also find one of the Live Interactive Horse Intros to be very helpful. Tina Constance and Robyn Hood have ones coming up.

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