Dr. Massimo Da Re DVM

My name is Massimo Da Re, I’m 51 and graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1998.

I work as equine dentist specialiingd in surgery of the head. I’ve been always fascinated and focused on how dental and oral pain influences equine behaviour, especially in ridden horses. I ride since I was about six and competed in show jumping. My passion is starting the young horses and help the difficult ones finding a good relationship with humans. Since 2010 I’m a teacher for the Italian Equestrian Federation where I teach Etology and Horsemanship to the riding instructors who have to upgrade.

I live in Udine, north est of Italy, with my wife Silvia, also equine vet and our kids Tommaso and Teresa, where we run the Bellavista Cavalli, a new center located on the green and sweet hills not far from the city, focused in breeding show jumping horses, rehabilitation of injured ones and teaching people our approach to horses and riding.

I met the Tellington Method in 2006 and since that lucky moment it has been part of everything I do with horses. I think this plays a central role in the success I have as veterinarian, rider and teacher.

It is a great honour for me being an Equine Tellington Instructor and help spreading the Method in my country.


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