Dr. Rikke Schultz DVM

Dr. Rikke Schultz graduated from the Veterinary University in Copenhagen in 1992, after 5 years in a mixed practice in Iceland, she returned to Denmark and worked in a large equine practice for 8 years. Since 2005 she has had her own holistic equine practice, and since 2011 she has participated in animal fascia and anatomy research at University of Copenhagen where she also serves as censor at exams in veterinary anatomy and physiology. She holds degrees in veterinary acupuncture by IVAS, in equine osteopathy and in veterinary homeopathy. She is a board member of European Veterinary Society of Osteopathy.

In 2012 Rikke wrote an article that was included in the Staying in TTouch newsletter, TTouch Ahead of Time.  She felt that TTouch was a great complement to many modalities.  She has recently presented talks on Fascia, the forgotten tissue, as well as myofascial kinetic lines in horses and dogs. Together with her collegues Vibeke S. Elbrønd and Tove Due she has just published the book “Equine Myofascial Kinetic Lines – for professionals”.

www.fascialines.com .


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