Debby Potts: Mentoring Session


Debby Potts has been a Tellington TTouch Instructor for the past three decades for horse and companion animals.  Combining her skills as a clear communicator and life coach, Debby is skilled at helping solve a variety of challenges for animals and their people.  Discover new ways of approaching an issue with a one on one, 60 minute Zoom session with Debby.

From the beginning, Debby has used TTouch to help humans as well as animals. Today she frequently works with people to help them reduce pain and stress, recover from illness or injury and to improve mobility and function.
Debby introduced TTouch in Japan more than 20 years ago and has expanded that to include Taiwan and China. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of workshops for animals and humans, and with Lauren McCall, oversee and teach the TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner Trainings in these countries.

TTouch has led Debby on a learning path that has enriched her life beyond anything thatshe might have imagined. She have studied many approaches and techniques to help people, animals and enhance the quality of life we all share, including BodyTalk. In addition to that, becoming a certified life coach gave her more skills, not only for helping clients, but also for teaching others to communicate clearly and become effective problem solvers.


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