Tellington TTouch® for Dogs: Bodywork Module


Are you looking for a positive, low-stress, and mindful way of interacting with your dog?

Maybe you have an aging dog and you would like to support their long term comfort and well-being?

Perhaps you have an anxious dog and are looking for effective ways to reduce stress and help enhance their overall self-confidence?

Look no further!  Whether you are familiar with the Tellington TTouch Method or not, this introductory module will give you a fantastic basis for the revolutionary TTouch Bodywork.

Simple, non-invasive, and effective, TTouch Bodywork will provide dog guardians of all backgrounds and experience levels, innovative, mindful, techniques to enhance you and your dog’s well-being and relationship.

Canine bodyworkers of a variety of modalities will find complementary techniques and approaches to integrate into their current practice.

Used by trainers, veterinarians, breeders, vet techs, shelter workers, and dog lovers, all over the world, the bodywork component of the Tellington TTouch Method is an invaluable addition to any animal lover’s knowledge.

Interested in learning the Tellington TTouch Method in its entirety? Check out our Certification courses.


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