Katja Krauss

Katja Krauss had already explained to her parents at the age of two that a life without a dog would not be conceivable for her. Therefore, she got the first dog for her third birthday. Since then she usually has had several dogs and many other animals in her life.

Immediately after completing her studies, Katja opened her own dog school in her adopted home, and favorite city, Berlin. From the beginning she has integrated Tellington TTouch® in combination with Clicker Training into all her classes. In this context, her most successful book project was created “educate dogs with clicker”.

One of Katja’s interests is search-dog training. She has been working with mold-detection dogs for two decades and is increasingly involved with the Wildlife Detection Dogs.

In addition, Katja has created with Lina Köhler “dog-supported” training that is aimed to help anyone who wants to work with his/her dog in a social, therapeutic or educational environment. This training combines the methods Tellington TTouch®, Clicker Training and Dogs Lead in Balance which Katja created with Stephanie Hornung and which has been released in a DVD.

Katja co-wrote the best selling, “Learning to See Emotions in Dogs” in German.  This fantastic book will be published in English later this year.


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