Miranda Alcott, MA-CHH

Miranda Alcott, MA-CHH, has devoted her professional life to facilitating greater understanding and communication between animals and those who care for them.

Serving as an Animal and Human Communications Counselor and Animal Medical Intuitive. Miranda is a highly respected consultant working under the auspices of veterinarians nationally to support medical professionals.
Miranda holds a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology with 11 years of postgraduate work in Consciousness, Health and Healing (CHH) from the University of Santa Monica. She teaches several popular courses and workshops domestically and internationally for those wanting to learn animal communication techniques, based on the methods she has developed.

Miranda was featured in SuperPowerFilm.com: Ignite your Intuitive Intelligence, PetSummits The Emotional Detoxing of Dogs, Life Moments (NBC), Animal Planet’s Petsburgh USA, Almost 30 Podcast, Linda Tellington Jones- podcast, Baroo Podcast, The Lifted Podcast. Wisdom Radio with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, New Thinking Aloud with Jeffery Mishlove, featured The Healing Power of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto and others.


Miranda Alcott (@mirandaalcott)



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