Trudy Affleck

Trudy Affleck originally trained as a human physiotherapist but now just works with horses and donkeys in her retirement! Trudy Affleck is a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner P3 in the UK who works with clients’ horses but specialises in working with donkeys. She has produced several donkey-based webinars for the TTouch Community and British Isles Tellington TTouch® Training Guild and is co-author of “The Healthy Donkey” book.

She has owned donkeys since 2001 and been involved in the training of many donkeys as driven animals. She currently has 4 donkeys of her own, two youngsters and a pair of driving donkeys that work as single driven donkeys, together as a pair and are just starting on working together in tandem, (one in front of the other).

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